Smith Productions

Smith Productions specializes in high-end video production and post-production utilizing the latest in HD technology.  With over 10 years experience in the media industry we strive to provide our clients with high-quality productions at affordable costs.

Aerial Photo/Video

We specialize in low-level Aerial Photography by means of remotely piloted helicopters.  This enables us to capture the perfect altitude & angle at a fraction of the cost of using a full-size aircraft.

Click Here to view samples of from aerial photo gallery

We also offer Virtual Tours of facilities from the ground and/or air for use on websites and presentations.

Spherical Panoramics

firefox-graySpherical Panoramics are interactive 360 degree view photos that can be taken from the ground or air. They provide stunning dynamic media content for use on websites and applications like Google Earth (click here to view image in google earth). Our clients utilize the perspective captured in this format for a variety of reasons including Virtual Tours, future land development, overseeing utility easements and inspections, and also contruction of new buildings and facilities.

 Click Here to view some spherical panoramic samples.


Smith Productions

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